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Nail Care Treatment

Nailoid has an established and unique heritage. With over a hundred years in the market, it has developed an exceptional understanding of nail care treatment. Nailoid has undergone a major re-pack on it’s Results branding to create an innovative design using tried, tested and trusted formulations. Nailoid was acquired by Three Pears Brand in 2018 and in mid 2019 launched a new range of Nail Varnish Removers including normal, gel and acetone-free. This new range is furtther supplemented by a uniquie Organic Nail Varnish Remover pads that are travel friendly.

The range comprises of a full spectrum of innovative nail treatments, coupled with easy to use maintenance products and a new range of Nail Varnish Removers. Unmatched by any brand in its scope and offering, its performance or its excellence, Nailoid delivers Results every-time!

Nailoid has successfully positioned itself as a desirable,  accessible, memorable and affordable range of nail care. Each product is clearly defined with emphasis on the product benefits. The brand utilises key ingredients renowned for effective treatment of nails and skin.

Nailod is a Three Pears Brand.

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